Angel Readings


Let the Angels bring you hope, happiness and love through a reading full of soothing Angelic energy.  Mary will use one of several Angel decks to connect with those Angelic beings on the other side to bring you messages that uplift and heal.  

Messages may come from Archangels, Angels or other Angelic Beings in the Angel Hierarchy.


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20 Minute Angel Reading (No Recording)

$ 55 USD

Payment for 20 Minute Angel Reading (No Recording Included).  No Refunds.


30 Minute Angel Reading (No Recording)

$ 65 USD

30 minute Angel Reading (No Recording).  No refunds.


60 Minute Angel Reading (No Recording)

$ 115 USD

60 Minute Angel Reading (No Recording).  No refunds.


MP3 of Your Angel Reading

$ 3.00 USD

MP3 Recording of your Angel Reading emailed directly to you.  Please wait 24 hours for receipt.  No refunds.


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