Is it important to understand your Astrology Chart? Yes! Many people think that just looking up their sun sign in the paper or reading it on the internet will tell them how their day will go. But the Sun Sign is only the beginning of the picture known as you. An astrology chart is unique to your talents, strengths, challenges and changes ahead. No two charts are the same! In fact, you can be born the same day as someone else but your charts could be very different.

Not only is it important to know your sun sign but what about your emotions, finances, love life, work relationships, communications and much more? By just knowing your Sun Sign, you only have one aspect of your life. And there is so much more to you!

Wouldn’t it help to know if you had the Astrology DNA to write a book when that is your real passion instead of working at a job you don’t love? That’s just one of the things an astrology chart can tell you.

Here’s some ways that Astrology is used:

*A company has a chart done to review whether or not there are favorable aspects to merge with another company.

*A couple reviews their possible wedding date based on how Venus (the planet of love) and others are on that day and time. Venus in Retrograde may not be a good aspect to marry under!

*A College Student is deciding on her major – her chart shows her strengths and challenges to her studies, her Soul Purpose and passions that she was born with.

*A Virgo wants to start his own business – would it be good to do so right now and what would be the best business for him?

* In some countries, a potential mate’s chart is sent to the other family to review compatibility before marriage takes place.

*A Corporate Team backs up all their files because Mercury is going Retrograde and they don’t want their files lost.

*The circumstances of a missing person is reviewed or a suspect is profiled using Forensic Astrology.

These are only a few examples of how astrology is used.

For you, knowing what your core characteristics, goal and happiness along with challenges can make major breakthroughs so you can fulfill your Soul’s Purpose. Imagine having the life you love because you followed a blueprint to success? That’s what an Astrology Chart is all about.

Your life is within your hands but wouldn’t you like to know when difficulties may come up or when there will be smooth sailing? Astrology can tell you all of that, just by the placements of the planets within the signs and houses.

Don’t leave it up to fate – know your fate by learning your chart! 

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