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I had a friend recently chat with me about a situation that was happening in their life with a mutual friend not being supportive.  When I presented a few different ideas - asked some questions on the other person's perspective - I heard "Oh, no, I know they are blowing me off!"  I stepped back and thought "Wait, there may be some assuming going on here."   There was no evidence to suggest that was happening but my friend was positive this is what was happening.


How hard is it for us to put ourselves in someone else's shoes?  There are days those shoes have no way of fitting our feet so we certainly aren't going to take a walk in them.


We decide, when a situation is presented to us, that based on our filters, expertise, education, experiences and much more, that HAS to be the way it is.

What we fail to realize is that there are many different perspectives to what has happened.  Yes, a "right" and "wrong" can be determined if necessary but there can also be many, many sides to the same story.

Part of our listening or experiencing an issue can be, instead of jumping into "oh this is the way it is", is to step back and consider the other side.  How does the other side feel, process, experience?  Where are they coming from?  Does their experience have merit?  Sure.


By turning the situation around like we'd look at a stone or a crystal, we can be open to the light catching every side possible.   Doing this, we may actually react in an alternative way than we usually do.

However, if we aren't open to looking at life through fresh eyes, we will find our reaction exactly the same in situations.  Do we want to do that?  Or do we have a drive to grow, to handle experiences in new ways?  Could things that usually bother us now have an opportunity to roll off our backs? 


Flip the situation to look at different perspectives - you may have a little more information to understand what's going on and react accordingly.


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