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I Remember You

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, October 31, 2009, In : Spiritual 
I remember you
memories of years past
life as we knew it then
people we were at one time
I remember you
we traveled the path for a while
lessons taught and learned
love and laughter we shared
I remember you
maybe it wasn't always easy
but you were a part of my life
and I have set a sacred space for you
I remember you
tonight as much as any other night
when I can talk to you
when I can tell you how much I love you
I remember you
throughout the years
throughout the lifetimes
our souls s...

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I Have Found Peace

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, October 26, 2009, In : Spiritual 
I have found peace
in the quiet of my life
in the stars in the sky
in the eyes of my love
I have found peace
in walking to through my life
in stopping at the challenges
and moving forward once again
I have found peace
in the lives that touch me
in the love that I give
in my own foundation
I have found peace
in my connection to spirit
in my connection to the earth
in my connection to my soul
I have found peace
my mission is keep it alive
to offer it to others who need it
and to keep it...

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Teaching new tricks?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, October 25, 2009, In : Articles 
I hear the phrase"you can't teach an old dog new tricks" when referring to people who don't want to change or learn something new.
I have to wonder why not?
I know when I pick up a book or take a class, I can feel my mind opening.  I look at things differently.  My collective knowledge is now expanded with this new information and I might change my thoughts on a thing or two.

Many people, though, think that they can't learn anything new.  That they are too set in their ways , too "old" or...

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We Truly Live

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, October 23, 2009, In : Spiritual 
The sky above
The earth below
the heart in between
the spirit all around
a sweet reminder
of our place in the world
the impact we make
the ripples we send across the land
Each step we take
reminds us of our place
it is a good place
no matter where it is
So we move on
we strive forward
we honor the land, our heritage
our purpose, our contract
When we let ourselves be
just who we were meant to be
the heavens and earths open
and that's when we truly live
~Copyright 2009, Spiritualityg...
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Celebrate Each Day

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, October 19, 2009, In : Spiritual 
Celebrate each day
for your eyes opening
your early morning breath
breakfast of champions

Celebrate each day
for your heart beating
the hugs you receive
the laughs from your belly

Celebrate each day
for the work that you complete
the relationships you build
the lives you touch

Celebrate each day
for the moments that make you pause
whether they are unbelievable
or amazingly good and memorable

Celebrate each day
for the challenges you face
you can handle them with your famous style
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Ready To Play?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, October 17, 2009, In : Spiritual 
Fate deals us the cards
how we play them in our choice
whether we fold, go all in or bluff
we hold the cards, remember?
Our chips are worth so many things
fame, fortune, family
love, hate, pain, 
success, joy, happiness
Our game is the one that we play
people sit at the table
they may support us, challenge us, or deceive us
but they are all part of our game
Some people leave the table
they take their chips and go
whether or not we understand their strategy
their own game is in play too
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I breathe again

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, October 16, 2009, In : Spiritual 
I take a deep breath
and I dive in
I can't see
the waters are muddy
I swim, I push my arms
I fight against the water
trying to hard to get there
I will make it to the other side
I come up for air
and dive back in
I can't stop now
treading water in not an option
I am so tired
but I go further
I can see the horizon
I have to make it
My new journey begins
if I can make it through this
I reach out, I touch land
I can breathe again
~Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl~
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We Join Together

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, October 15, 2009, In : Spiritual 
We join together
in unity
in peace
in solidarity
We join together
to build up
to support
to lend a hand
We join together
for common purpose
for strong energy
for belief in a cause
We join together
when times are tough
when there seems to be no hope
when the battle needs us
We join together
because we can
because we care
because we love
We join together
to help others
find their voice
their hearts
and their lives
Uplifting as one
~Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl~
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Being In Touch

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, October 13, 2009, In : Spiritual 
The air called to me
so I went to the sky
sat on a cloud
and watched the world go by
The water called to me
so I went to the sand
sat on the beach
and watched the world expand
The earth called to me
so I went to the ground
lay on the dirt
and listened to the world's sound
The fire called to me
so I went to the red hue
warmed my hands
and saw the world's flames burn through
My Spirit called to me
it was time to go inside
listen to the words
and let Spirit provide
air, earth, fire and w...

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Treasures of Life

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, October 9, 2009, In : Spiritual 
We often forget we are human
that we live lives of trials and tribulations
our souls don't have all the answers
our instruction manuals are not complete
So we learn by error and experience
we misstep and take victory walks
we hurt and we heal with our words
we cast out and draw in with one breath
But we are our own judges and juries
we sentence ourselves to years of pain and purgatory
trying to navigate through life
with chains around our feet and hearts
We are worse on ourselves than o...

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It Starts With Me

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, October 8, 2009, In : Spiritual 

It starts with me

The good work I can do

The hard work I put in

The rewards I get to reap


It starts with me

A positive attitude

A strong will

A heart that's open


It starts with me

The change I wish to see in the world

The impact I hope to make on others

The life I wish to have


It starts with me

The people I have in my life

The experiences I draw in

The way I handle those people and experiences


It starts with me

how I chose to live

how I chose to love

how I chose...

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This Woman

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, October 7, 2009, In : Spiritual 

Like the Phoenix, she rises again.
the ashes represent her past.
They lie on the ground,
flying away into the calming wind.
Like a Scorpion, she stings.
her needle makes a direct hit.
They feel the pain of her wrath,
her point has been made.
Like a Horse, she runs
moving quickly through the fields.
Her hair blows with the breeze,
her beauty and grace is in her movement.
Like a Butterfly, she flutters.
Her wings, small, yet powerful.
She flies through the air,
gliding across the sky, lo...

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You Are My Angel

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, October 6, 2009, In : Spiritual 
Finally those words sunk in
I can feel them in my bones
I heard all of the syllables
and the soothing, caring tones

I haven't been treating myself very well
this I finally figured out
I know there were times I was frustrating
I knew you had your doubts

But I had to learn it on my own
no matter how hard of a lesson it may have been
I know you were ready to give up
you thought it just wouldn't sink in

It's important to me that you know
all those talks meant something to me
I may have seeme...

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The Flames

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, October 5, 2009, In : Spiritual 

The Flames
burn so bright
the orangey red flickers
throwing off soft light and heat
The Flames
burn away confusion
the ashes of the past float away
what's left is my future
The Flames
burn away illusion
the heat teaches me caution
I must proceed with thought
The Flames
burn away inhibitions
I sit around the circle
I am encouraged by the warmth
The Flames
encourage passion
I am driven to take action
I let nothing stand in my way

The Flames
illuminate my way
the light burns bright
I ca...

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Reach Out

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, October 4, 2009, In : Spiritual 

Reach out
and grab the hands of the one you love
tell them how much you care
and don't be afraid to share
Reach out
and touch the someone with affection
let them feel a touch so tender
so they may open their heart and surrender
Reach out
and help someone to their feet
hold them up, brush off the dirt
and hug away the hurt
Reach out
and take a chance even when scared
the greatest growth comes from courage
even if you have moments when you're discouraged
Reach out
share your life with t...

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My Song

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, October 2, 2009, In : Spiritual 

My voice so soft

I can barely hear myself speak

the words come at a whisper

my story is not being heard


I want to sing

but I am scared

what if I am not a good singer?

what if my words don't make sense?


I try to let out a note

but it cracks and is out of tune

will I ever get my song out?

will my voice ever be strong enough?


So I practice

I fine tune the song

I warm up my vocal cords

I learn to sing from masters


I am encouraged

my song is getting stronger

I am stil...

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I come full circle

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, October 1, 2009, In : Spiritual 
With wands, I create action.
Moving the energy,
breaking through the barriers.
I make things happen.

With swords, I use logic.
slicing through disbelief,
organizing my ideas.
I think uplifting thoughts.

With pentacles, I generate abundance.
taking care of all my needs
drawing in everything and everyone I need.
I lay a strong foundation.

With cups, I drink from the emotional well.
quenching my thirst,
touching every emotion.
I embrace my feelings.

With spirit, I connect to my soul.
waking ...

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