Be In Service To Yourself

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, September 18, 2009 Under: Spiritual

Why can't you see yourself the way you are?

You see only the negative - where you've been wrong,

where you been hurt and when you've been down.


Why can't you see yourself like other see you?

The beautiful, smart, talented person you are.

Take a look at yourself through their eyes.


Why can't you see yourself as Spirit sees you?

A gorgeous being of light, a person with a mission,

A soul with stunning beauty and limitless potential.


Why are you easier on others than yourself?

You are so much quicker to forgive others transgressions.

You sooth them after they hurt you,

discard their harsh words and deeds.


Why are you better to others than yourself?

You ask them "Did you make your Doctor's appointment?",

"How are you feeling?"

"What can I do for you?" but then neglect your needs.


The blessings you bestow on others are just as worthy on you.


Blessing yourself, caring for yourself, makes you even better when you want to nurture others. 


Hold yourself in the high regard you hold others.  Be in service to yourself - this is the first step to be in service to others. 


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