Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, July 6, 2009

"Nurse Jackie", a new show on Showtime staring Edie Falco, started off the first show with a great line.  Jackie is lying on the floor, trying to get some relief from her bad back (possibly with a little help from an outside substance) and mentions her 10th grade English teacher Sister Jane.  Sister Jane once told her - "The people with the greatest capacity for good are the ones with the greatest capacity for evil."

I often wonder about that.  For those who have the greatest hearts beating, inside could they also have the potential for the dirtiest of deeds?  What makes one person in a family be a dedicated public servant and another a criminal?

What makes us so complex that we are capable of both not either?  Inside of us is "good" and "bad'.  We can choose to lift someone up or tear someone apart - both sides are part of us.

To deny we have both of these sides would be a lie - we all have it in us.  In some it is buried deep down but can be awakened.  For example, what about the mom that would do anything to protect her child?  Is she not capable of inflicting the same pain as a hardened criminal?   What's the difference?  Is it the motivation behind it?

As an astrologer, this makes me think about each side of Scorpio.  On one side, Scorpio rules the detectives and psychologists.  They are the ones that can uncover what's buried deep.  On the other hand, Scorpio also rules the mob and underworld, things that are hidden.   So as powerful as Scorpio is for the good of the world, it is also powerful in the hidden realms.

We are both dark and light, good and evil – we are a duality that can’t be ignored.   What makes us different from others is what we do with that duality. 

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