Clearing the Room

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Under: Spiritual

When I walked into the room
I tripped over the clutter
I can't seem to get organized
things are flying around everywhere

Wait, let me grab that one
no, I'll hold on to this one
did I forget this one?
oh no, I lost that one

I have to put these in order
then I can think better
Yes, I will throw out what I don't need
and put these other ones together

Ah, I see this is from my past
now, why am I keeping that?
Oh, I need to check it for my future
because I can't seem to let go of it

And this piece - yes, I'll use that for later
because I need to be ready for it
I mean, the future isn't here yet, that's true
but what if I haven't considered that?
Where did this clutter come from?
I haven't been able to let go
I can't understand why I can't sleep
I wonder why I worry

These things, they are not keeping the room clean
this room that I need to sleep, breathe, eat
the one that helps me move everyday
the room I know as my mind

Time to clean this up
too much is piled up here that doesn't belong
I only need what is going to help me today
where is that broom?

Sweep away the clutter,
sweep away the thoughts,
sweep away the past,
sweet away the worry.

It's hard work!
But now this room is organized.
I have my thoughts all in order.
What belongs is here, what doesn't is gone.

Clear room, clear mind,
clear heart, clear soul
Doesn't it look great?

Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl

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