Collective Karma - Can We Make An Individual Impact?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, March 20, 2010 Under: Articles
One of my favorite spiritual thoughts is that we are all part of the “collective” or “the one”.  The theory is that there is one collective soul and all of us split off from that soul, incarnate into a body and have made it to earth.  Therefore, whatever I do affects you, whatever you do affects me.   It’s an interesting concept to me, especially when there are days that I interact with people that seem completely different than me.  Are we really from the same universal soul?  Of course we are.  We just chose to incarnate differently to learn our lessons and work through our Karma.
The question then becomes – Does working through our own personal karma impact others? 
To answer that question, here is a simple example of how we impact others without even realizing it.  I am standing in line in a grocery store.  The woman at the checkout is frazzled because people in line are being rude and impatient.  It’s finally my turn.  I chat with the cashier, smiling at her and making her laugh.  I thank her for taking care of me and wish her a good day.  She smiles and then turns to the next person in line and says hello.  Her mood seems different.   Is she going to treat others differently now?  Possibly.  It may only last with one customer but that person’s experience is more pleasant because she had a positive interaction with me.
When we work through our own personal karma, we create a different vibration for our soul.   We work through the lesson and there is a shift within us.  Our filter has become clearer and our views on life are now adjusted to reflect the karma we transmuted.  Imagine what we are capable of now that we have taken that step to change and not repeat old patterns.
Once we do that, others feel the shift too, even if it is quietly and within the collective soul.  They know there has been a change subconsciously.  By us setting the example, consciously and subconsciously, others will have the courage to deal with their own karma and lessons.  It’s like seeing someone on the street helping a stranger.  We are influenced by the strength of others to step forward and make change. 
You make an impact on the collective with every choice that you make and that, as we know, changes karmic contracts and karmic debt.   By taking care of your personal karma, you actually are simultaneously taking care of others’ karmic debt.  Think about how your actions impact your family and friends, your work, your mission and in turn, how that impacts your city, state, country and the rest of the world.   Of course it is always good to reach out and consciously help others but this is another way you are fulfilling your karmic contract – by taking care of yourself.
If there are times you don’t feel like you’re making an impact on the world, think about the theory of the collective soul and how your quest to live a fulfilling life inspires others.  This means just living your karmic contract heals the world around you and people that you haven’t even met on a conscious level.  From a soul level, you are lifting the vibration with every wonderful move you make.  By staying true to your path, you’ll see the change happening around you and most importantly, within you.  Continue to be the example – you are making a karmic difference in the world.
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