Enjoy life as love grows

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, September 26, 2009 Under: Spiritual

Inspired by the "Wifey for Lifeys"

I see you for who you are
this day and in every form
there is nothing wrong with you
you are my beacon in the storm

We have weathered a few, haven't we?
The rain, thunder and lightning fears
the threats of being swept away
the heartbreak and tears

We've managed to survive in it
wait, we've actually thrived
because we've learned with every misstep
there is a new path to find

Your love has made me better
I never believed you were real
you touched the soft parts in me
and taught me how to truly feel

It doesn't matter what is your past
You're my future, this I know
let's jump over the broom and sword
and enjoy life as our love grows

Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl

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