Enjoy the Silence

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, July 13, 2009

Sometimes we say things that may hurt each other.  It may not be intentional but we feel the need to say what's on our mind at the given moment.

Is it necessary to tell someone what we think about them or what they're doing, especially when they haven't asked?

Honesty is important but there comes a time when you saying something will wound not heal.  I'm not talking about saying something to help someone learn, I'm talking about "yeah, remember when you did that?  It was a really bad/stupid/weird thing to do."  or "Wow, I was so glad you broke up with that person.  They were no good for you - I never liked them."

What does that accomplish?  How does telling everyone every little thought we have about them, what we did, how we felt at that moment, help?

There are times when it's better to keep quiet.  Yes, you could let someone know what you think.  You have that power to form the words and tell them.

But before you do that, stop and think about what impact it's having.   Is it healing?  Is it hurting?  Does it embarrass the person?  Does it bring up back memories? Does it make you feel powerful over them?

Sometimes, it's just better to enjoy the silence. 

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