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We process thousands of pieces of information daily, whether it is images, noises, news, interactions with others and more.  Even when we are not paying attention, our subconscious mind (which keeps all of our memories, beliefs, values and imagination) records everything that is going on around us.  Our subconscious mind is always working, even in our sleep.  No wonder why we wake up exhausted sometimes!
Before information goes into our subconscious mind, it hits something called a "critical factor".  We develop this at an early age (around 9 or 10 years old).  The critical factor takes this information presented to us and decides whether or not it is in harmony with our beliefs and core values.  If it's not, it will throw out the information.
I like to call this critical factor the filter that we work with in every situation we find ourselves in.  We judge everything we interact with based on our own experiences or beliefs about experiences that we've heard or been taught. 
For example, you may have no problem driving on a highway but a friend of yours who got into a bad highway accident can't even be a passenger in a car on the highway.  This is the subconscious at work.  The person in the car who had the accident sees the highway, the critical factor says "is this okay?", the subconscious mind screams "NO!" because of the fear of the accident and then the person gets upset or sits in terror while the highway journey is taken.
So I thought to myself this is the filter that we look at all the situations we deal with in life.  We don't even realize that it happens in seconds.  The communication between the critical factor, subconscious mind, beliefs check and then back takes a split second.   In fact, we don't even realize that we're doing it.   It is just instinctual.
However, this filter can limit what your experiences are.  If your beliefs are those that are based on trauma, pain or other limiting emotions, they may be curbing your life's adventures.  Let's take the highway example - if you are afraid of highways, your travel time may double or you may not be able to even travel certain places because your destination can only be reached by highway.  This makes for some uncomfortable situations.
The way to change this is when someone gets into the subconscious mind to change that belief.  This can only be done through modalities such as meditation, positive affirmations, EFT (emotional freedom technique) or hypnosis.  The critical factor has to be turned down so the positive affirmations or suggestions (from hypnosis, EFT or meditation) can work with the subconscious mind to change the belief.  This can only be done if the person doing the work wants to change and relaxes enough to shut off the critical factor for a little while.  Changing a belief (those filters) will be impossible if the person in question doesn't want to do it.
Think about those things that hold you back - are they coming from a past event that is influencing your beliefs?  Maybe you have to flip it on its head to release it or transmute it.  Removing the emotional charge of a past situation releases you from restrictive or limiting filters that stop your growth and/or joy.   It actually changes how you view that situation, hence, changing the filter. 
It may take some work but imagine the release you'll have from taking away those filters that are not working for you anymore.  Enrich your life - remove the filters.
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