I remember the day

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, August 30, 2009 Under: Spiritual

I remember the day
my heart was broken
it shattered into a million pieces
it took me time locate all the fragments

I remember the day
things happened that I didn't want
I cried a million tears
my eyes don't see the same anymore

I remember the day
it seemed like it would never get better
I crawled into bed
and thought I would lay there forever

I remember the day
that I had to move forward
I couldn't stay in bed anymore
I had to get up and see the sun

I remember the day
I started to get stronger
my heart was finally whole
my eyes could see clearer

I remember the day
I got back on my feet
I stood up strong
I grabbed my power back

I remember the day
that I realized what happened is now a memory
it is part of me, it is who I am
but it is now faded into black and white

I remember the day -
this day, a new day -
the day I realized
that my pain had finally faded

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