I Remember You

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, October 31, 2009 Under: Spiritual
I remember you
memories of years past
life as we knew it then
people we were at one time
I remember you
we traveled the path for a while
lessons taught and learned
love and laughter we shared
I remember you
maybe it wasn't always easy
but you were a part of my life
and I have set a sacred space for you
I remember you
tonight as much as any other night
when I can talk to you
when I can tell you how much I love you
I remember you
throughout the years
throughout the lifetimes
our souls share that bond
I remember you
as you remember me
thank you for being in my life
you made me different and special
I remember you
tonight I honor your memory
I share the story of your legend
I am blessed to speak your name
I remember you and thank you
for touching me so deeply
Blessed Samhain, Happy Halloween
take a moment to remember those
who live on the other side
love stays just as strong, no matter
where you are
~Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl~

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