Insight vs. Change

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, July 10, 2009

What is the difference between insight and change?

It's great to get insight on why things happen they way they did - why did that situation occur?  How did I handle it?  Oh that's why!  Terrific - now you know why.  You have insight or clarity.

But what if you need insight on what you're doing in life.  You have analyzed something you want to change and now, you know what it is and why it should change.  You may even set a plan to do so.

Then there are these things, though, that step in the way of you making that plan become a reality.  Responsibilities, motivation, just plan old laziness can get in our way.

Hence - insight vs. change.

Just because you have an understanding, an insight, into a problem doesn't mean it's going away just because all of a sudden you "get it".  That is a great step, of course, but just because you know something does not make it change.  Action is what makes it change.

For example, I watch a show called Intervention.  At the beginning of the show, the person is introduced.  "My name is so-and-so, I hang out with my friends, I have a great job.  And I have goals and dreams.  But there are things holding me back from it."

Then the camera tightens on their face and the person says "I'm an (insert addiction here)."

People who are in addiction know that they have a problem, they realize there is an imbalance, however, they are choosing to not make a change until something drastic, like an intervention, happens.

This just doesn't apply to something as serious as addiction.  This could be having awareness of a problem with a friend, a closet that desperately needs to be cleaned out or classes you need to sign up for because more education will get you a promotion. 

You are aware but insight doesn't make the change - action does it.  Once you get the insight know that you can make the change. Awareness is the first step to understanding how to dismantle the problem.  From there, you can build on both the insight and change so it is finally transmuted into something new.

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