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I was talking to a friend of mine tonight about tarot cards.  She was looking through my deck (the Osho Zen Tarot that you see in this newsletter) and we were talking about having a connection to the cards when you read them.
Many times people will buy a deck of cards, a very traditional deck such as the Rider-Waite deck, grab a book and proceed to learn the meanings that way.  Some of successful but more often than not, people ask me if there is a different way to learn because that method didn't work.

Personally, I teach to buy a deck that you are drawn to and you love and then work with them.  Determine what the pictures of the cards mean to you and then practice.  My friend and I talked about shopping for decks in the near future because, well, I can never have just one deck.
I've had this conversation with different people about trusting their intuition in situations like when they read a deck of cards or have a decision to make.  Many times, I can see the person gets nervous or uncomfortable because I am suggesting that they tap into a part of them that is not logical, it's instinctual.
I realized that this is not something that we are taught to do, which is why I see people get uncomfortable.  We are conditioned to look for fact and reason.  If A + B = C, well, then in every situation, that's correct.
But I disagree.  There are always other factors that can change the outcome - how you are feeling that day, if there is traffic, if someone's mind has changed and your decision making process.  These are just a few examples.
If you listen to your body, there may be times that you are to make a decision and your stomach starts to flip flop.  Sure, it may be nerves but it may also be a sign that it's not the right decision and your body is saying "Whoa!  Wait a minute!"
I once was in a busy part of Boston around 10 in the morning and I needed to use the ATM machine so I could get money to pay for parking.  I was walking up to the machine, which was built into the wall of a building.  As I got closer, I noticed a man started walking towards me.  There was nothing logical that told me that there was anything wrong but I could feel my energy jump up high.  He hadn't even looked at me by that point but my body was already warning me. 
I stepped back from the machine and made eye contact with him.  He stopped and looked at me quizzically.  My gut told me he had thought I was going to have my back to him by then.   He then walked passed me, looking back over his shoulder.
I didn't use that ATM machine because I could feel my body screaming "STOP!  DANGER!"  I honored those feelings and, I don't know for a fact, but I possibly could have prevented him robbing me. I  didn't need to find out one way or another if I was right.
I listened to my instinct and what my energy was telling me.  Your body and your energy speak to you all the time but you may not acknowledge it because logic is showing you something different.  Next time you have a situation that you need to make a decision about, check in with your "gut" and see what it says. 
By the way, no decision you make is ever wrong - you make the decisions that are perfect for you at the time.  It may not be clear to you right away what your instinct is saying but the more you listen, the louder it will get.  Trust that it will never steer you wrong.
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