It's My Dream

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, May 20, 2010 Under: Poetry

It's my dream,

one that I've created.

It's beautiful and colorful,

potential in all its glory.

It's my dream,

one that is so personal.

It comes from my heart

and explores all of my soul.

It's my dream,

one that is obtainable.

I may doubt, I may have fear

but I can't stop now.

It's my dream,

one that is mine.

It helps me to breathe, hope,

and awakes all of my cells.

It's my dream,

I love it as I do my own flesh and blood.

It propels my forward,

it shows everyone, including me, my greatness.

It's my dream,

and I will achieve it in this lifetime.

I give thanks every day -

for the dream that is mine.

~Copyright 2010, Spiritualitygirl~

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