It's Okay

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, December 19, 2009 Under: Spiritual

It's okay to make mistakes
you're human, after all
just remember to learn the lesson
and when it's  done stand up tall
It's okay to get angry
feelings are part of life
find a way to make it positive
don't live your whole life is strife
It's okay to feel sad
disappointment happens sometimes
but when you win, it reminds you
to cherish the joyful times
It's okay for people to come and go
no matter how long they stay
their teachings are valuable
they made you who you are today
It's okay when life changes
you're able to take it in stride
you've can handle whatever it is
all you have to do is look inside
~Copyright 2009, Mary D'Alba~

In : Spiritual 

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