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Karma - how does it affect our lives?  The thought is that Karma is not good or bad, it just is.  Based on your actions, what you get back is what you put out there, hence, your Karma.  Actually, one of the most interesting things it mentions is that if the world understood Karma, we wouldn't have a prison system because Karma laws would take care of it.  Interesting thought, isn't it?

Usually, though, we think of Karma negatively.  John Lennon said "Instant Karma is going to get you - gonna knock you right in the head".  And I've heard more than one friend (oh yeah and myself) say "Yep, Karma got me."  But only when something goes wrong - or someone is in our lives torturing us.

There's good Karma too, and we forget that.  "What goes around comes around" is so true.  I remember once, while I was at Suffolk University, I was walking to class down Temple Street.  It was bitterly cold and it had just snowed out so we were all trying to stay upright on the brick paths.

At the end of Temple Street is a Store 24 (which ironically, is not open 24 hours a day).  There was a homeless man sitting at the end of the street with a sign asking for donations.  I leaned over and asked him if he wanted coffee.  He said yes.  So I went in Store 24 and bought him a large coffee, grabbed a bunch of sugars and creamers threw them in a bag and brought the coffee out to him.  I then proceeded across the street to the building I had class in.  There was about 7 or 8 people standing outside, just hanging out.

One of my classmates, who was completely obnoxious and decided to try to give me a hard time because there was a group there, said to me "Wow, why would you buy that loser coffee?"

Now, I usually told this guy off, I think it was a daily practice because he was such an ass, but I decided to say instead, "Hey, it's good karma."

And he paused....not really sure what to say.  I didn't give him a chance, I went to class.

I've realized over the years it's not limited to our actions, it can also be our thoughts.  Let me tell you - when someone upsets me, the thoughts that I have of anger and all kinds of other negative emotions are not healthy for me or the universe.  Yes, it's normal but I can sit and stew on it for a while and in the meantime, I'm sending out aggravating thoughts.  No wonder why thinking lower vibrational thoughts can exhaust me.  And in the meantime, I'm drawing in all kinds of negative energy.  Usually when I'm stewing over something, I either break something, drop sometime, send an e-mail that's not finished, things like that.  It turns out that my aggravation just filters into other things and I have the power to cause that not to happen.

So with every move, with every thought and every vibration, I'm creating my own karma, which is the only Karma I have to worry about.  Why wouldn't I want it to be "good"?
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