Let it be

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, July 6, 2009 Under: Spiritual

There are times that we are just in a frenzy - a situation has sent us over the edge and we're ready to battle.  You've got the ideas formulated in your head, you've anticipated the responses and your counters and you're ready to go.

Of course it's important to stand up for yourself.  But sometimes, you have more power in letting things go.

To illustrate this, there is a story about Chuck Norris, an amazing martial artist, who did more by letting go.   In Martial Arts, you learn to use your skills as a last resort and try to find a nonviolent way to handle a situation.  Chuck Norris was in a bar once when a customer walked in and said to him, "You're in my seat.  Move."  He moved. 

As the customer sat down, he recognized Norris and said "Chuck, you could have handed me my head, why didn't you just attack me?"  Norris said, "What would that have accomplished?"

It is said that Chuck Norris made another friend that day.  In all reality, Norris probably could have torn him apart.   Just because he has the skill to do that doesn't mean he needs to use it. 

Yes, battle when you absolutely have to.  However, before you put on your shield and take up your sword, take a look at whether or not letting it be will accomplish more.

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