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New Beginnings are a positive thing, right? Sure, unless you're like many of us who experience fear when things change. So how can we turn terror to triumph?  

 For example, you're thinking about putting out a newsletter.  You start by thinking, "Wow, it will be great to get out there, meet and help new people and learn lots of stuff", but then you may think something like this twice as much, "Oh, no, what if no one signs up for the newsletter?  What if no one reads anything I've written ever?  Am I really a good writer?  What if, what if, what if..."  After those thoughts, you get the feeling of dread and fear.  

Whoa, put the brakes on!  Where is your mind going?  How many times have you started something new and panic has filled your heart, you stomach gets sick and you're ready to lie down with a cold compress?   

All right, maybe not quite the above experience but you get the idea.  

You can procrastinate writing a newsletter because you are afraid of how it would go.  Or, you can put it off until you realized that if you don't make this new beginning, you will never know how it will be successful or even if it will fail.  We learn lessons from each experience, whether we judge it be a success or failure, it doesn't matter.  It can be a new practice that shapes us, not matter how it turns out.  It may actually bother you more to never know if you could accomplish sharing ideas and teachings with others through your writing.

Which one would you rather do?  Sit back and say, "Well, I had a bunch of great ideas but I'm just not ready to put them out there" or "What can I lose?  Why not!  I'm talented, smart and a great writer.  I can do it!"

If you look at your life, what are you procrastinating?
The mind is an incredibly powerful organ.  Many times, Spirit presents us with something new so we can expand what our Soul's lessons are.  We would never grow as a soul unless we change. We need to experience those moments of the unknown.  If we lived safe all the time, life would not change.  You would never meet anyone who was different, travel anywhere new or put yourself out there to excel at something new.  

Let's be honest - life would be pretty boring.  

You say to me, "But life would be safe!  It would be status quo, I would know what was happening all the time and I'd have a routine!"

Yeah, that works.  

Maybe - yes, it can "work" for a while.  You know how life happens, though, and as much as you don't want change, it's going to happen.  

Hence, we're back to new beginnings.  Here are some tips to deal with those times that you have to (and even want to) make change:

1.) Do whatever you need to do to deal with your fear and anticipation.  You want this new beginning to be successful.  An example of this would be to first sit down and write out all the problems with your new beginning.  How it would fail, what would happen if it did?   

Now take a second piece of paper and write out the grandest outcome for your new beginning.  How would that look?  What would that feel like?  What resources do you have at your fingertips?  How would being successful change you?  Go wild; don't limit yourself to what this can be.

Then, take the piece you wrote on failure and GET RID OF IT.  Because you are not destined to fail - you are destined to win.  Display your success in a place you can see it daily.  Remind yourself that taking the risk is a wonderful event. 

2.) Surround yourself with people who will support you.  If it's not your family, find a supportive group, even if it's online.  You can do much of your new beginning alone but isn't it more fun with friends?  Make time to correspond with them, see them and support them.  Most of all let them know how much you appreciate their support.  

3.) Be supportive of yourself if you find things not going quite the way you want or moving at the right pace.  It's okay to feel scared or frustrated - that's part of your feelings.  Acknowledge those feeling but don't stay in that place.   Know that you have all the tools, resources, smarts and drive to make things happen for yourself.  It's takes one step at a time, though, so be careful not to jump 8 steps ahead - you may hurt yourself!  

4.)  Trust that events are taking the time that they need to in order to come to full fruition.  We all know in our heads that things do not happen overnight but it can be a challenge to be patient. 

5.) Congratulate yourself for all the steps you HAVE made.  You may be surprised how far you've come!  Give yourself a gift at different points that are important milestones, even if it's just patting yourself on the back or sending yourself a card.  

6.) Look at whatever change you do as a fluid process.  You may have to switch gears midstream in the process.  Be flexible and open to new opportunities within this new beginning.  It may just be the changes you need to really fly!

Whatever you do, know that you'll look back on this new beginning as one of the best things that have ever happened to you. You are amazing for having the courage to go through it.  Now that's worth taking a chance! 

~Copyright 2010, Spiritualitygirl (Mary D'Alba)~

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