Make Yourself Available

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, January 1, 2010 Under: Spiritual

Make yourself available
to all the experiences you can
take chances, don't fear
because they shape who you are
you can learn, you can grow
no matter what the outcome
Make yourself available
to bringing new people in your life
open your heart and mind
to others that aren't in your circle yet
lots of love is waiting for you
just start with a smile
Make yourself available
forgive those that have hurt you
bridge the gap with those far away
put the past behind, work it out
do your best to heal the wounds
at least in your own heart
Make yourself available
there is a lot to learn
experiences teach, books do too
why not power up your mind
no one can ever take knowledge away
it's yours to keep as long as you want
Make yourself available
2010 is full of hope
make it your most positive
and wildly spectacular
because you deserve the best
~Copyright 2010, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~

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