Where do I start?

I'm trying to find my way.

All kinds of materials,

tools and thoughts,

scattered all over the place.

It's overwhelming.

How do I get to my final goal?

How do I find my way?

It seems so big, so daunting.

I guess I just have to start.

I'll begin here -

my foundation,

a place that holds it all.

Why don't I put this over here?

I'll move that over there.

Sometimes it is successful,

sometimes it comes crashing on me.

But I always come back to the place

where it all starts -

my foundation.

It's solid, it's strong,

it is a place I can stand on

to start new ideas.

So even though I make changes,

the core stays strong.

Wow, I can always come back

and start again.

Remember - whatever

collapses around me doesn't

shatter who I am -

my foundation.

So even if it's torn down

I can start building again.

~Copyright 2010, Mary D'Alba (Spiritualitygirl)~