Negotiation and Compromise

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I have all of a sudden gotten hooked on the show "Pawn Stars" on the History Channel.  If you haven't seen it yet, it is about a family that owns a pawn shop in Las Vegas.   During the show, it takes the viewers through several different items being sold or pawned.  We learn the history of the item being pawned and the negotiations that go along with it.  Sometimes the customer wins, sometimes the shop wins, but it is very interesting to see the quick discussion to determine the worth of an object.  How much are the "Pawn Stars" willing to pay?  How much is the customer willing to accept?  A middle ground (a compromise) may be found or may not. 

As I was sitting writing this article, I thought about the negotiations we do in our lives and the compromises we make.  Sure, it's not as slick and fast, but what we negotiate and compromise on is priceless.

For example, do we allow someone to treat us a certain way because of circumstances?  What silent negotiations happen there?  "You can treat me this way because I love you," you say, for example.  Is that a negotiation that benefits you or the other person?

What about on a job that you don't really like?  "You can treat me with disrespect because you pay me," you think.   Who is benefiting there?  Is it your company or you?  Yes, you receive pay.  But at what cost did you negotiate that money?

We do negotiations every single day of our lives.  It could be silent, it could be out loud, but it is something that we are very skilled at, however beneficial to us it is or not. 

Consider if you did your negotiations based on your belief that you are invaluable.  You are a priceless commodity.  The "Pawn Stars" wouldn't be able to put a price or a value on you - you are so rare, special and unique - a "one of a kind" I've heard them say. 

How would your negotiations and compromises change then?  That job you hated would be gone for sure.  Relationships would be healthy.  Your life would be rich with positive and beneficial negotiations for your own well being.  You would create opportunities for yourself to make money, whether it be at a job you love or your own business.  You'd be in relationships that would uplift, enrich and bring incredible amounts of joy because you would give and receive those things important to you such as love, respect, growth and excitement. 

Relationships and jobs are just two examples of what is negotiable.  What about family, friends, dreams, health, activities?  There is so much you can move those boundaries on that we are not as conscious as we should be about being careful with what we can and will accept and what we will not.

So, when you come to the table, don't just think of what value you bring but what value you actually feel about yourself.  Negotiate from a place of the value you WANT to be at if you don't believe in your value just yet.  In doing this, you'll be surprised how your ideas shift.  And then, you'll realize, your value is so amazing, the "Pawn Stars" could never afford to negotiate with you.  Your heart, your soul is way too valuable to be negotiated for less than your worth.


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