New Eyes

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, July 22, 2009
~One from the Archives. Enjoy!~

My parents’ 50th Surprise Anniversary party was recently and even though they were the guests of honor, the real Bell of the Ball was my niece Emily. She’s two and ½ years old and she’s amazing. My parents’ party was on Route 1 in Saugus and towards the end of the night; Emily started to look out the window onto the well traveled road. She was shocked.

“The Lights! The Lights!” she said. Her eyes were so wide and her mouth opened in surprise.

Emily had never seen this road at night before. She was amazed at all the lights flying by. It was funny to watch her mouth drop open while she pointed to the lights.

As an adult, I had seen this road thousands of times. I never looked at it through her eyes before. When I stopped and put my new eyes on, I realized it was cool to see these lights flashing by. I had a different perspective.

I became aware of what I’ve looked at lately - the front door of my house, my car, the back of another card in traffic and then the front door to work. I don’t stop to look around because I’m in a rush. I don’t look up, look around. I do the same routine every day.

Do we all? And then I wonder – what are we missing?

The world, as much as we’d like to think it stays the same, it doesn’t. The sky changes every day. The sunset, different too. Hmmm….so let’s expand. Are my co-workers, family, friends the same everyday? Probably not. But do I pay attention to see if they are? Not really.

Am I the same everyday? No. Nothing, absolutely nothing, stays the same everyday. Our experiences, our thoughts, our perceptions all affect our soul everyday. We don’t see, feel, hear and/or experience things the same way everyday, as much as we’d like to fight that thought. The fear of constant change keeps us in the same place – or so we think.

I have kept my “new eyes” packed away too long. I know I have to follow a routine to a certain degree (like get to work at a certain time) but do I have to take the same path? Or look at it the same way? Absolutely not.

I just have to remember Emily’s excitement at seeing something new. Putting on a pair of new eyes every day can give me a fresh perspective on everything I see, which can expand to everything I experience.

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