Please pass (on) the stuffing

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, July 16, 2009
How often do you hear someone say "Yeah, I didn't want to tell him/her how I felt because I would (insert reason here) so I just didn't say anything"? You decide to stuff those feelings inside.

Is that the healthiest thing to do?

We do a really good job of hiding our feelings. Pushing them down and ignoring them and saying "Oh, no, it's okay, I'm totally fine" when inside you're a total wreck.

What kind of message are you sending your body and mind? Your body is then responsible to hold onto all of those feelings. And trust me, your body doesn't want to do it. By doing so, you may find that all of a sudden, you're getting headaches or sick stomachs or aches and pains. Wow, where did the come from?

Your body doesn't know what to do with the built up energy you're storing. It's looking for a way to discharge it. Pain is trying to get out of your body in, well, a painful way. Then you're at the doctors trying to manage it.

Conversations expressing how you feel can be tough, there is no doubt about it. But is it better to risk upsetting your balance than expressing things that hurt or bother you?

Remember, you are responsible for how you deliver the message. Telling someone how "you" feel rather than what "they" did is what you're responsible for. Giving that message is solely in your hands, how they receive it is up to them.

You may not get a good response, you may get someone angry at you, you may hurt someone. These are all true. But what is the alternative if you chose to hold it in?

If there is a reason you still don't feel like you should tell people how you're feeling, but still want to get it out, write a letter and never send it. Get all your feelings out on paper and then burn it or throw it out when you're ready. At least you'll be getting rid of it.

You can continue to carry a burden or release it. It's up to you. Maybe it's time to pass on the stuffing?

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