Regrets, I Have A Few

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I taught a Past Life Regression class last week.  It's amazing the breakthroughs people have - what they see, people they meet again, places they've been in another lifetime.  I usually check in with the attendees at the end of the class to make sure they are okay.

This time, one of the attendees said to me, "I saw a tough life but I knew I needed to see it to grow in this one."
Many people I work with see things in past lives that are outdated or outlawed in the life we know now.  The world was a less evolved place - let's take for example the methods that people would pass away in previous lifetimes.  There were some barbaric ways they meet their end, many methods are not used today because, well, we've grown as a planet.  Or, they passed at a much younger age because our medical technologies were nowhere near as advanced or even discovered then.

As I thought about the class and Past Lives, it made me think about situations that we deal with in this lifetime.   I reassure attendees that life was different hundreds of years ago and not to have regrets over situations they may have seen.  The world and they as people were not anywhere near as built up or advanced as they are now.   This theory could be applied to this lifetime's journey.

As we get older, we have the capacity to handle situations with unique filters.  The experiences we have as we grow up - get older, attend school, go into the workforce - shape our filters into alternative colors, sizes and wisdom.  These experiences help us to evolve, to gain knowledge and to realize what ways to treat others, react and deal with our own lives.

Sure, there are things you do the same over and over, but there are times an event has such an impact on you, you realize that you cannot do it the same way if it approaches you again.
This wisdom records on your soul.  It helps you shape your reactions to what is presented.  If you think about it, you've been the school of life a long time.  You then learn how to pass the test and find a new way of dealing with situations.  You may heal quicker, help others to see people with different eyes or set stronger boundaries.  Whatever it is, you may not want to beat yourself up over the way you handled something in the past.  It's the past and you obviously if you feel an emotional charge to it realize change is important in case it comes up again.

But remember, you were a different person before that original situation happened.  You have to love yourself enough to give yourself a break and be thankful for the lesson.  It's really not there to remind you that you didn't handle it well or should have done something differently; it's purpose was to help you acknowledge that it changed your programming to something new.

So whether or not you were Cleopatra or another well known figure in a past life, remember, your soul in this lifetime (and all of them) is continuously learning so don't have regrets over old situations.  Learn from them and grow wiser with each one that is presented to you because you alone are responsible for your own actions.  Handling situations differently - with kindness, compassion, love, courage and strength, for example - shows you've learned well.

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