Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, April 17, 2010 Under: Poetry
All it takes is a smile.
When things seem to be low
a laughter and a smile
brings it back to life.
It doesn't cost anything
but a change in your energy.
You break the frown up
and the smile wins you over.
It's catchy too.
It can't be contained.
Ever try to stifle a smile?
Your face will betray you
and fight you until you let it loose.
You can't help it.
When you smile,
you give a gift.
A gift of happiness and love.
A free gift of joy and
a mood lifter with no side effects.
Is it really so hard?
If you can't find your smile,
ask a friend or family member
to help you find it.
It probably won't take long.
A smile makes you even
more beautiful than you
already are in this world.
So no matter what is happening,
how life is treating you,
what has just happened,
find a way, even for a moment,
to unleash that smile
from deep in your heart.
Don't let anyone try to steal it.
It's yours to keep.
You'll notice that you
feel better, just by
breaking free of the frown.
Show me that smile, baby.

~Copyright 2010, Spiritualitygirl~

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