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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, July 13, 2010 Under: Articles

Okay, I'll admit it.  I like social networking.


Yes, I'll read all the status updates, twittering, look at the mobile uploads and do those quizzes (What Goddess Am I, Really?).  I have to admit I am quite impressed the Dalai Lama has a twitter.


As I was on Twitter tonight watching different tweets roll by, I thought about how all these sites bring us together.  We get to see what people are doing, what they are going through and how they are handling things.  We see a glimpse into the personality and pictures and all kinds of pieces of their lives.  It's pretty amazing.  I've found all kinds of old friends and can stay in touch with friends all over the world. 


I love making these connections.  As I was accepting a new friend request, I thought about the spiritual concept of us all being connected. 


The theory is that all of our souls are connected to each other.  From the beginning, our souls broke off from  the large, collective soul of "The All" (or whatever you call Spirit/God).  So since we were a part of each other once, we are still a part of each other and a piece of the whole.


So what I do affects you, what you do effects me, stranger or friends, older or younger, every move we make touches all of life.


Isn't that the case with social networking?  Sometimes we see comments to friends that make an impact.  Sometimes we make an impact by saying "Wow, great picture!".  We can follow life, friends and be a part of the all just by watching a screen.  We can participate and support each other, probably much more than before we were all connected through these sites.


What we have to be careful of is just watching the screen.  It's important to not only uplift through our comments but also making a phone call or having dinner with someone.  To connect through a computer is a start - life connections by uplifting, hand holding, hugging and laughing - goes a long way.


But the social networking sites make us realize the world can be a smaller place because we can peek into the lives of many different people and share our experiences. 


So maybe all these sites aren't such a time waster after all.  I don't feel so bad clicking "Like" now because the world wide web is actually weaving a place for us to all connect.   Now that I "Like".



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