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Posted by Mary D'Alba on Saturday, April 17, 2010 Under: Articles
As we go through life, we are always analyzing ourselves.  Our likes, dislikes, passions and serious distastes.  It can take seconds sometimes to look at something and make a judgment on it.
But where do we get our filter to review these things?  Who creates our eyes, our vision, to see what exactly we want and, more importantly, who we are. 
There are times that people give us the vision we look through.  We've made it our own and, as part of life exploration, we can be reviewing those things that define us and ask "Where did this come from?" and more importantly, "Is it really MY definition of me?"
If you think about it, it's like there is a huge pad of sticky notes next to you.  People get to walk over to the sticky notes, have an interaction (or many) with you, and based on that, write their impression of you and attach it to you.  Those sticky notes will stay until you decide to remove them.
We have a hard time getting to know ourselves underneath all the of the sticky notes that are attached to us.  In the past, we've let everyone get the chance to write at least one and put it on us.  When we're young, we get ideas of who we are from family, friends, school and activities.  As we get older, we get reviewed and critiqued at work, in sports and because of our interests.  Do you ever wonder how many sticky notes you are carrying around?  Can you even see yourself anymore?  Is it heavy on you to carry all of them around?
You can always remove those notes by just taking them off.  It's that easy.  Remember, someone has placed them on you based on their perceptions.  Does it mean they are right?
For example, say you are someone that is late all the time.  Some people may have placed the note "late all the time" on you.  If you believe it, you then own that perception of you and fulfill it based on the belief you have embraced.
Could it be as easy as creating a new belief?  Throwing away the old sticky note and writing a new one for yourself?  The more you tell yourself something, the more you will believe it.  Your mood will shift, your perception will change.  This is why positive affirmations are so powerful.  Tell yourself every day for a month you are beautiful.  You'll see a shift in your energy from Day 1 to Day 30, trust me.
If you so choose to do this work, to review all the sticky notes placed on you to see if they are really yours, you may notice some just falling away from you.  Your changes may cause them to drop off in a chain reaction once you start making changes to your beliefs, your body, your mind, your spirit - your filter.
Give it a try.  You may find a whole new set of sticky notes that can be written by you.  Then you can say "Ah, that's MY definition of me."
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