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Welcome Back, Dear Sun

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, March 14, 2010, In : Poetry 
~One from the archives.  Enjoy!~
I watched the Sun go down
the light was fading and I felt my fear
It was now darkness
I never thought I'd see the light again
It seemed to take so long
for the brightness to come back
I saw flickers in the shadows
but never a full fledged light
and I thought the light had left me
I could hear nothing
it was so quiet
it was like the earth had abandoned me
I was alone, dark, quiet,
how long would it last?
But time passed
even if it was slow
it still passed

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The Light

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, August 31, 2009, In : Spiritual 

The light that shines within you
isn't meant to be hidden
once it switches on, at your birth,
there is no way it can go out.


Sure, some may try to fade it.
Some may look for the light switch,
others may try to steal it
but it's always burning, even if it's faint

What do you do to make your light bright?
How do you let others see it?
Is it really just for your view -
Or does the world want your talent?

Your light makes others bright
your light sends a message into the Universe

It's you...

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