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Gently Outside My Door

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, April 28, 2010, In : Poetry 
I feel her soft touch,
in the leaves, in the grass,
in the breeze, in the soft rain,
in the sunlight on my skin,
or the moonbeams washing over me.
She speaks to me in silence,
breathing her life into my life
with the wind that sails
across the land with whispers
of my connection to her,
to all of nature, to all other beings,
to the wide open Universe.
I feel her gentle reassurance
in the world and believe that life
is taking the path it needs to take.
I just need to give her all
that I am - g...
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Just Quiet

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, April 16, 2010, In : Poetry 
Explore the silence.
Settle down.
No noise, no sounds.
Just quiet.
It punctuates the air.
It breathes across your skin.
It sits next to you.
It settles.
Just quiet.
What can you learn through it?
What tunnels can you explore?
What light can you see?
What truths can you not ignore?
Just quiet.
It doesn't show you anything
but what you need to see.
It connects you to your core
and your heart gets a chance to be heard.
Just quiet.
Don't fear what is to be discovered.
Turn down the ...

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