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In My Hands

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, In : Poetry 
I have it within my hands
and hard work creates magic
so I must make it happen.
Take some time,
love and care,
determination and smarts,
and create what I want.
I know it won't be easy.
In fact, I am a little scared,
worried and nervous,
but my heart tells me
to press forward.
And so I do.
I open my eyes
to the possibilities,
I roll up my sleeves
and weave a beautiful web,
I transform it into
a colorful tapestry and then,
with it still in my hands,
I have a choice.
Should I release...

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It's Magical

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, In : Poetry 
There are things that can't be explained
Miracles that defy logic
Happiness that comes out of grief
Possibilties hatched from impossibilities
How?  It's Magical.
It's the energy in the air
that we all share
it carries us like a gentle mother
it transforms that which is stagnant
it scares away the blues
and brings hope
Magic changes the hurt,
the pain, the sadness into
love, dreams and determination.
Magic can be a hug, a smile,
help when none seems available,
magic lives in you,
magic lives i...

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