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We Truly Live

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Thursday, May 13, 2010,

The sky above
The earth below
the heart in between
the spirit all around

a sweet reminder
of our place in the world
the impact we make
the ripples we send across the land

Each step we take
reminds us of our place
it is a good place
no matter where it is

So we move on
we strive forward
we honor the land, our heritage
our purpose, our contract

When we let ourselves be
just who we were meant to be
the heavens and earths open
and that's when we truly live

~Copyright 2009-2010 Spiritu...

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Whispers Of My Soul

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, April 25, 2010, In : Poetry 

When I listen

to the whispers of my soul

I hear my deepest wishes,

my open mind,

my gentle loving thoughts.

When I listen

to the whispers of my soul

I understand why

I am the way I am,

I react the way I do,

I live the way I live.

When I listen

to the whispers of my soul

I am moved in the direction

of my dreams,

my biggest goals,

my desires of light.

When I listen

to the whispers of my soul

I am connected

to my heart,

to others,

to the highest source.

All I have to do

is open my ears and listen.

~Copyright 2010, ...

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The Puzzle

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, In : Poetry 
~One from the archives.  Enjoy!~
I'm trying to put the puzzle together
where did all those pieces go?
did I manage to lose them?
did they fall down below?
The picture isn't completely clear
I don't have all I need
I'm working on making it fit
this puzzle is tough indeed
With each step I take
another piece snaps in
the picture is taking shape
I see where I must begin
some pieces have been small
some are more worth while
some pieces have not been easy to get
while others bring on a smil...

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Spirit Said

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, November 9, 2009, In : Spiritual 

Spirit Said,
"You are a beautiful being of light"
and I said
"But it seems so dark, I have no sight"
Spirit Said,
"Your soul is perfect right now"
and I said
"But I have so much to do, so many more vows"

Spirit Said,
"You're learning your lessons well"
and I said
"But I mess up constantly, I can never tell!"
Spirit Said,
"You are a gift to all you meet"
and I said
"But I have conflicts, troublesome relationships I repeat!"
Spirit Said,
"Your heart is open as wide as the sky"
and I said

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What Is It?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, August 26, 2009, In : Spiritual 
I can't get it from fortune
I can't get it from fame
I can't get it at the mall
I can't get it through blame

I'm sure it's in the future
I've experienced it in the past
I can't find it in another
those feelings just won't last

It's not always easy to have
there are times it seems so far away
but once you have it in your life
you definitely want it to stay

It's something you miss when gone
the loss can be just overwhelming
but when it comes back into your life
its pull is just compelling


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