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One of my favorite cards in my tarot deck is the Wheel of Fortune. It is the one of the Major Arcana cards, which means it is a card that indicates an important life event. It is usually depicted as a wheel spinning around. The Wheel of Fortune means the destiny wheel is constantly turning and, if we don’t like what is happening, we should wait because change will come around.

Many people think Karma is cause and effect. For example, if I do something “good”, good comes back to me. If I do something “bad”, something bad comes back to me. I often wonder if it is more of a flow. In other words, is it like the Wheel of Fortune? Is life always in a constant flux and change? Do we interpret whether it is good or bad karma? Maybe we should go with the flow rather than feeling like it is imposed on us.

Life is a continual turn of situations and events. Every day we change and experience new life lessons. They may be subtle or dramatic depending on how we react to them. The key is our reaction – this is what interprets those life lessons and creates or dispels karma.

For example, when a relationship breaks up, some may see it as the end of the world. It’s a drastic change and some may say “Why me? I was good to the person and I loved them. Why did this relationship end? What did I do to deserve this?” On the other hand, some may say, “Well, it’s awful that it ended. I’m going to miss that person but life will go on and I’ll meet someone new. I’m going to take some time on my own and at some point I’ll look for someone.” Two different reactions, right?

The first group may see this as bad karma. Maybe they will review all their past relationships and decide that based on actions of the past, they deserved this breakup. They pinpoint where they may have caused suffering so therefore, now they deserve it. They will think of all the ways they should have acted in a different manner and they’ll generate feelings of sadness, guilt and upset.

The second group may look at it as it’s just a part of life. Is it good karma or bad karma? It could be either. However, this person may say that it’s just karma – they were in a relationship, it didn’t work out and the person is determined to be positive and move on. They do not get caught up in what happened in the past – they chose to change their future by taking care of themselves and moving on. They reflect, they improve, and they see opportunities. It’s a much different experience.

Instead of getting caught up in the idea of karma and it imposing its will on you and you being out of control, think about how you are riding the wheel of karma. Even though you may not be in control of the situation, you are in control of how you react. You are in control of what you do with your karma. Wouldn’t you much rather sit in a place of power? Make sure to take that karma, learn from it and move on. That will continue to keep the Wheel of Fortune moving, instead of stopping and getting you stuck in a rut.

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