Tell me, Juno, is he (or she) the one?

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An asteroid in astrology is a way for the major players (such as the Sun, Moon and Jupiter) to be enhanced. They have their own power and definitions and they can enhance a reading. It’s similar to the Minor Arcana in the Tarot. The Major Arcana speaks of life events and the Minors bring more information. This is the same as in Astrology with Asteroids.   (If you're curious to know where your planets and asteroids are in your astrological chart, you can get a free chart with no interpretation from
We’re going to talk about the asteroid that June takes its name from – Juno. June is the most popular month for marriage so this is fitting. Juno is the asteroid of marriage and partnership. Wherever Juno sits in your chart will tell you what kind of partner you need and what kind of partnership you will have. So, it may bring through some of the darker sides of long term relationships such as abuse, divorce, abandonment if the asteroid has a hard aspect. 
Juno was the Roman Goddess (Hera in Greek Mythology) who ruled partnership and marriage. She was the wife and sister of Jupiter (Zeus), who unfortunately, had a wandering eye. Juno may have showed a doting and loving wife on the outside but Jupiter’s conquests would suffer her wrath. Her purpose was to have the happy and long partnership, which she did not always experience. 
Juno carries the energy of Venus further. Venus is about love and beauty but can be superficial. Juno is telling you what’s going to matter the most to you when you wake up next to the person with bad breath. Juno is the Soul Mate asteroid. 
As a side note, it’s also good to look at the planets in the 7th house of marriage. That will also give you some insight into your relationships. Having Venus there will tell you that looks in a relationship are important to you, for example. However, Saturn in the 7th may indicate feeling restricted in a relationship but also a place to learn lessons. Again, look at the whole picture but that’s a good indicator on how you view relationships in your life. 
Here are some indications of what’s your looking for in a Soul Mate – based on these descriptions; you might want to change your profile on! 
Juno in the 1st House/Aries – You need to be in a relationship that helps you understand your personality. It’s also imperative that you don’t stay still – Aries starts with action. So one of your first dates may have been something sporty or with some kind of action. Be careful you don’t take a back seat and expect someone else to do the work. It’s won’t sit too well with you, even if they finish something you’ve started! 
Juno in the 2nd House/Taurus – With Venus as the Rule of Taurus, the partner has practical and good with money. This house will be kept very clean and have many decorative accents. This is a home you will see in Home and Garden. The challenge here is not to be too fixed in a relationship – everyone makes mistakes. Stubbornness can ruin any good relationship. 
Juno in the 3rd House/Gemini – Gemini indicates a thinking partner – someone who has a sharp intellect. Here is someone that writes love letters or short type of communications to you. Don’t expect a long flowery letter but a nice card. By the way, be ready to have something you say off the cuff analyzed over and over again. That’s just what the Gemini influences do. 
Juno in the 4th House/Cancer – Cancer LOVES the emotional security. But watch out – if you hurt the crab, they will crawl back into their shell. House, family, needs of the home are most important with Juno in Cancer. 
Juno in the 5th House/Leo – Juno in Leo has to have a partner that can deal with the other shining, being the star of the show and loves children. This person may actually seem a bit immature but they just love to have fun. It’s the house of joy and fun – just make sure to get grounded sometimes!   

Juno in the 6th House/Virgo – Juno loves to work in Virgo and be healthy. So your partner has to be someone that understands career and/or health. Virgo can be very analytical so you have to have someone that thinks the same way that you do or it can cause a lot of confusion. Your soul mate has to accept the house needs to be kept a certain way or that you send a couple of hours at the gym. 
Juno in the 7th House/Libra – Juno in Libra hopes for a partner that creates balance and justice. You will be looking for a peace maker, not a rebel. The person you’re with has to be ready to commit to a relationship. Casual dating will not do. You have long term relationships – it’s where you are comfortable. 
Juno in the 8th House/Scorpio – Mystery, intrigue, sexy – Yes, Juno is Scorpio is looking for the person that taps into their secretive and sexy self. They also have to be ready to share resources because they have to work with each other. This could also indicate someone who may keep secrets so be careful. 
Juno in the 9th House/Sagittarius – Let’s have fun but learn while we do it is the Sagittarius. This is the person that is intellectual, philosophical and loves to travel. You are looking for someone that can keep up with your smarts and your energetic personality. Just don’t leave the person in the dust – it’s not just about what you want. 
Juno in the 10th House/Capricorn – This person needs to have a career, not a job if they want to be with the Juno in Capricorn. Juno may actually want to have a business with their husband or wife and definitely needs recognition in the career to be happy. 
Juno in the 11th House/Aquarius – The Aquarius influence has you looking for someone that is unconventional. They may be the ones with wacky ideas about marriage and you’ll be perfectly happy with that. So what if you’ve been together for 20 years and not married? That’s completely fine with you. 
Juno in the 12th House/Pisces – This influence hooks you up with someone from the past; including someone from a past life so you may find someone you instantly click with and can’t figure out why. You may also want someone who is comfortable working in institutions or works for justice – social worker or a solider for example. 
So consider Juno when thinking about relationships – this may be the key to avoiding the land mines and having the long term partner you want! 

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