The Family Tree

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, April 4, 2010 Under: Poetry
Look at all the branches
that are connected to you.
The history, the legacy,
the people, their experiences.
They are all a part of
who you are, the tree of you.
You are strong because
of the roots in the ground.
They have laid a foundation
to help you grow -
What family has been through,
how they handle situations,
what strength they provide,
how they lived.
It grows up from the ground,
becomes a part of your DNA,
and sprouts a strong trunk,
a strong life, shade for a rainy day,
sun and rain are absorbed 
to help you grow tall.
Your family tree is a part of you,
it gives you hope to understand
the past and to enjoy the future.
Family helps to secure
you place in the world so
you can stand up strong
and take in all the sun
with your beautiful, unique
trunk, branches and leaves.
So stand strong, stand proud
and don't forget where you
came from in this life.
Show off your family tree.
It is part of who makes up you.
And even if you don't agree
with all the branches that family
has helped your grow, 
you can always let 
some of them go and
flourish even more.
Then you'll pass it on
and help someone else
plant their family tree.
~Copyright 2010, Spiritualitygirl~

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