The Hole

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, December 20, 2009 Under: Spiritual
I'm already at the bottom
I look up, see the light
how do I get out of here?
the shovel is not going to help
I wonder why I thought
it was best to keep digging
did I want to be hidden?
did I want someone to not find me?
But now that I am here
I feel no better, the perspective is darker
There has been no improvement
actually, things have gotten worse
So now I have to find a way out
I have to climb back up to the top
and as much work as it took to go down
it will take even more work to get out
So I look for a resource
something to pull me to the top
do I have a rope?  Maybe I can see a path?
Maybe I have to just climb with my bare hands.
Oh, I see, there is a hand
a hand reaching out to me
I can't quite get to it
I must start to move
I take steps, I might slide back
I pull, drag, claw my way to the top
I see hands along the way, reaching out
and I grab on for dear life and their strength
Time has passed, I reach the top
I pull myself up and out
and am finally out of the hole I dug
and am a part of the earth and life again
~Copyright 2009, Mary D'Alba~

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