The Mask

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Under: Spiritual

There is a mask that we show to the world. We might quite possibly have several. There is our work mask, our family mask, our friends' masks - different sizes, shapes, construction, moldings. We create them to place over the softness and vulnerable sides of ourselves - our true face - to protect us.

The masks are hard, they are solid - conforming to our faces a little too well. We hide parts of us inside, behind the mask, smothering the softness. When we don't give these true parts of ourselves air, the care that they need, those true parts of us slowly become smaller and smaller. They wither away.

The mask then becomes our identity. It covers us. It was meant to protect us but it instead shields us from those that could understand. It keeps us away from unconditional love, happiness, acceptance - it stops us from flourishing. We say we have to have the masks, it's all part of living life until we can LIVE life.

What are we afraid of when we take the mask off and show the world? Rejection? Misunderstanding? Being mocked? Being outcast?

The mask will get heavy, burdensome, tiring - how long can we keep it on? Removing it is up to us.

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