The Path, Your Path

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Tuesday, July 6, 2010 Under: Poetry

Walking your own path

may not be easy

but it is the only path

you truly have.


Sure, you could follow

another person laying down

their idea of your path

but it'll make you feel like you're crawling.


Why not create your own path?

Letting someone else do it

takes away your ability

to see how well you can build it.


Parts of it may be brick or

even shards of broken glass

but it is yours to build

even if you're not sure how or where it leads.


No matter how you create it

it could look many different ways

but it's yours, truly yours

no one can take it away.


So don't doubt that you can do it

building your path takes time

but the land is wide open in front of you

make it your sacred mission, your path -

the one you are to destined to walk. 


~Copyright 2010, Spiritualitygirl (Mary D'Alba)~

In : Poetry 

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