The Power of the Mind

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"Mind Over Matter" - one of those famous phrases that "someone" says.  In my workings with hypnosis, I embrace this phrase.  Why?  Because the mind is a very powerful tool.

When working with my clients, we explore such things as quitting smoking, going back in time to review past lives and tapping into creativity.   The key in order for any hypnosis session to be successful, the client has to want the change and be willing to make the change.  Otherwise, no matter what techniques I use or words I say to help them, it won't work.
Why, you may ask?  "Gee, Mary, you're the hypnotist, can't you just give them suggestions and they will change?"  No.  The subconscious mind has a foundation of core values, beliefs and memories.   In hypnosis, the more relaxed a client is, the more likely the hypnotist will access the subconscious mind and help with the change.  Our core values, beliefs and memories are so important to us that it is very hard for someone on the outside to change it.  Remember, our conscious mind checks in with the subconscious mind constantly to make judgments on what is in front of us - "Do I like this?  Do I like that?  Does this bring back happy/sad memories?"

You can go to someone to help guide you through any process - for example, seeing experts on meditation, psychotherapy, weight loss, implementing a project.  However, if you are holding on to a belief - "I can't do that" - and you hold on to it tight, there is no changing it.
This is why when making changes, you have to not only learn a new way of doing something but you have to dive into the beliefs around it.  The work has to be done on many levels - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Let's take someone who wants to stop smoking.  If they are physically addicted, we have to work on ways to remove that craving.  A person has to go through a process of the toxins leaving the body.  Mentally, they may believe they are addicted but the person thinks smoking is relaxing.  When you replace it with some other relaxation technique, it will meet the emotional needs.  Now looking at spiritual - what do we feel that Spirit would want us to do?  How does smoking feed our spiritual life?  Once we examine that, we see that it's not part of our spiritual makeup.   It may be all of these or one makes a stronger presence than other.  Whatever it is, we have to examine where the belief sits and then work on putting a new belief in place.

By looking at all the bodies, we see that we have to tackle this from different aspects.  At the end of the day, though, if a person is adamant about smoking, outside influences are not going to be able to change it.  It's like trying to move a horse by pulling it - if the horse doesn't want to move, they are just going to look at you because they are too big and you are going to lose the fight because they are standing their ground.

Consider when you want to make changes how committed you are to make those changes.  You have to do it for yourself and examine what is going to motivate you.  If you don't have those two pieces, you are going to have a tougher battle in front of you.

It is possible to break old habits and have more positive energy in your life.  Changing your beliefs are key to breaking out and breaking through those things that are holding you back.  You have to decide how important the change is to you - is it time to let it go?  Is it time to bring something new into your life?  How willing are you to make the change?  Once you commit to it, it might take time but your mind will support you.  Remember, though, it will support you only to the extent of your commitment to the process and the change you want.  Nothing, with your belief, is impossible.

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