The Technology of Communications

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Wednesday, August 5, 2009 Under: Spiritual

Email, phone, Caller ID on TV, letters, conference calls, skype, IM, blackberry, texting - so many ways to communicate now.

Does it seem like we still miscommunicate, miss signals, misunderstand, mislead?

Just because we have all these new and exciting ways to communicate, it still doesn't take place of the person delivering the message.

Our delivery method is not reliant on the machine we use, it relies on how we want to get our message across.

It's the things such as the words, the tone, the facial expressions, the phrases, the intent - all of these are what makes the difference when trying to get the point across.

But now, with all the facebooking, myspacing, twittering, etc, we hid behind the machine to get our point across. "Oh, I can just unfriend, ban, ignore, click off....whatever it is. They'll get the message."

In some cases, will they get it?

Our technology makes it too easy for us to hide from the hard conversations. Sure, someone will get the message but what about your delivery? Are you responsible for that alone or are you letting a system do it for you?

Instead of hiding behind the system, talk to someone. Let them hear the vibration of your voice (at a minimum) or see your face. If you have to use technology, put yourself in the person's shoes and think about how you'd want to be communicated to when delivering a message. Sure, it may be necessary to send an email and cut ties but is it always true?

Back away from the technology and reconnect with the people sitting on the other side of the computer.

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