The Ties That Bind

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, March 7, 2010 Under: Spiritual
You're restricted,
wondering where
you're going next.
You're tied up,
bound by the past,
the shoulds, the regret,
held so tight
you can't move.
You wonder about
how you can be free,
how you can change
the future ahead.
But the rope tightens
you can't get free
but why?
Look around -
who is stopping you?
There is no one here but you.
Set yourself free,
break the ties that bind,
the hold is your own,
once you remove that,
there is not much
that can stop you now.
What does that rope
represent to you?
Fear, regret, despair,
choices, change or
all of the above.
Whatever it is,
let it fall away
and fully breathe again.
Copyright 2010, Spiritualitygirl~

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