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I happened to be watching "LA Ink" the other night with Kat Von D.  She did a tattoo on a woman named "Miss Claire".  It was a pretty interesting tattoo - a pocket watch with the time "Thirteen O’clock".  The reason why Miss Claire did this tattoo was because she wanted it to represent that fact that she had wasted a lot of time waiting to do what she wanted to do in life.  She kept saying "once I did this, I could do that".  And finally, she realized that she was wasting time and it was time to "wake up".

This got me thinking about the concept of time.  We do a lot of things based on time - daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, lifetime.  There are events, goals, dreams that get put on hold because of something we're waiting to happen. 

Is this a block we create because of fear?  Maybe that day will never come - what we're waiting for - and then we never have to face failure, hard work, change, whatever it is. 

Sometimes it's important to rest and settle until all the pieces line up.  However, when it's keeping us from actually making the progress we want, it's important to consider if it's necessary for "that" to happen for us to move forward.  Is it important? 

We may want to consider the "that" may happen as we start to make the changes in our lives.  When we finally acknowledge our "Thirteen O’clock", it opens up all kinds of possibilities and the freedom to stop waiting.

Tick-tock - what are we doing with that clock?

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