The prison kept me locked in
The walls were closing in
my faith was tested
my heart was broken

but then I saw glimmer of hope
somewhere in the dark
sparked a light
and I got to my feet

My legs wobbled, could I stay up?
My heart felt so heavy, could I take anymore heartbreak?
My mind was tired, I couldn't process another thought
but I knew there was hope

Hope for another day
Hope for another way
Hope in someone else
Hope in myself

It is my own prison
I have kept myself there
If I open the door
I will find no guard there

The chains are broken
My time is served

because I have realized
that my sentence was underserved

I step into the light
I step into freedom
I step far away from the pain
I step into my power

I realized I built that prison
Brick by brick
my labor of love and pain
and I enclosed myself in it

Maybe I felt safe there once
but now I know
the only way to see the light
is to step out of the darkness

Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl