Welcome Back, Dear Sun

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, July 26, 2009

I watched the Sun go down
the light was fading and I felt my fear
It was now darkness
I never thought I'd see the light again
It seemed to take so long
for the brightness to come back
I saw flickers in the shadows
but never a full fledged light
and I thought the light had left me
I could hear nothing
it was so quiet
it was like the earth had abandoned me
I was alone, dark, quiet,
how long would it last?

But time passed
even if it was slow
it still passed
I couldn't stop it
just like I couldn't stop the Sun from setting
I just had to learn - learn my lessons, learn some patience -
because softly across the horizon
I saw it - the Sun was rising again
Not that I didn't appreciate the Moonlight
but I couldn't see as well
the Moonlight couldn't show me everything
but the Sun, that Sun could show me it all
and somehow, I knew that if I made it thought the night
I would come back into the light
the darkness would be gone
and I could see again
see the bright, see the light,
see the shine, see it all
the trees, the forest,
wait, is that a sound?
Is that the sound of my heart beating again?
Is that the sound of my laughter?
Is that the light on my face?
my body, my soul?

Did I make it through the night?
Why yes, I did.
Welcome back, dear Sun,
you were truly missed.


Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl