What is important to you?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, September 20, 2009 Under: Spiritual

What is important to you?

Money, fame, riches, gold?

The path you walk, the lies you've told

or the breath you take, the smiles you make?


What is important to you?

Life lessons, happiness, friends, family?

The experiences you live, the hurts you forgive?

or the milestones of pride, the opportunities you've tried?


What is important to you?

Growing, changing, transforming, playing?

The life you create, having traditional traits?

or the children you inspire, the mentors you admire?


When you look at what's important to you

consider the things that don't cost money,

the people who are in your life right now,

the experiences that push your limits

and the love your give and receive every day.


Shift your importance to what can't be bought

and you'll be richer than you ever dreamed.


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