What is love, anyway?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Monday, July 6, 2009 Under: Spiritual

Yes, it's another cheesy reference to an 80s song, I know.

According to Wikipedia, one of the definitions of love is "As an abstract concept, love usually refers to a deep feeling of tenderly caring for another person."

So why are we trying to define whether it is good or bad?  Is one couple being together better than another?  As long as love is a healthy feeling between two consensual adults, what's wrong with it?

What's amazing is that love is such a pure emotion and yet there are people out there that are trying to label it.  Instead of leaving people alone, they are striving to tell others what the right way to love is.

Is that possible?  How can anyone define it?  When you love someone, can you really put into words how you feel?  Are there times that "I love you" just doesn't cut it because it's such an intense, mind blowing, heart wrenching, eye rolling state? 

Love is love is love.  It is healing, uplifting, beautiful, funny and caring all wrapped into one.   It is something that brings people together, melts away despair and sadness.  When someone is genuinely loved, they stand up straighter, smile through tears and become better people.  Their hearts are lifted to the highest heavens by something that costs nothing to give and has no strings attached.

Marianne Williamson says there are two types of emotions - love and fear.  Anything that is not love comes from a place of fear - whether it be masked by hate, disdain, grumpiness, whatever it is.  When it is drilled down, it is really fear driving them not to love.

If you really are conscious of when you are not in a place of love, how does it make you feel?  Doesn't it take a huge amount of effort to generate feelings other than love?  Love just flows - there is no effort.  Other emotions sit in your body heavily - love lifts you.

Let people love and enjoy the love they are in.  The more they send love into the world, the more the world heals. 

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