Who are you?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, July 17, 2009
You are an original
there is no one like you
nor will there ever be

You are special
you possess incredible qualities
that no one can take away

You are amazing
there are situations that you have handled
that others would have crumbled under

You are joy
you bring life to those around you
with a smile and laughter and humor

You are courageous
there are people who have tried to push you down
and you've bounced right back up

You are healthy
in mind, body and spirit
and you get better every day

You are beautiful
there are angels that sing your praises
and spirits that are in awe of you

You are you
original, special, amazing,
joy, courageous, beautiful -
wonderful you.
Be proud.

Copyright 2009, Spiritualitygirl