Whose voice is that?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Sunday, August 2, 2009 Under: Spiritual

What's the voice I hear?
It's soft, whispering, telling me things
that I have been longing to hear.
But for some reason, I can't hear too well.

Wait, there are other voices.
They are telling me something different.
Wow, they are pretty loud!
But they don't seem right to me.

What are they saying?
"You can't do this"
"No way! Stop! Not safe!'
"You need to take a step back"

These other voices have lots of opinions.
Where are they coming from?
Let me look at the label.
Ah, these aren't mine.

I have collected these voices -
family, friends, co-workers,
people and experiences
that are not a part of me anymore.

I can erase these tapes.
I can turn down these other voices.
These sounds, they hurt my ears.
And now I realize, they hurt my heart.

The whisper, that's mine.
It's the gentle voice
that's telling me the truth.
My truth. Yes, all mine.

I must turn up the volume
of my own voice.
I now want to hear
the melody of my song.

My song - it sings so sweetly.
It plays a symphony with my heart.
they practiced, they are ready to play.
I feel like I finally have my solo.

Now, the loudest sound
is the powerful voice I call mine.
Listen up! My symphony is about to start.

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