Why Is There Karma Anyway?

Posted by Mary D'Alba on Friday, May 21, 2010 Under: Articles
Karma – it has fun teaching us our lessons. We go through a situation, discover characteristics about ourselves and others, and then our soul changes. It seems like a great concept. However, have you ever wondered why Karma even exists? Why do we need to go through these lessons? Couldn’t Spirit have us just walk around in bliss and happiness all the time?

Let’s review the concept of a collective soul. We all broke off from “The One” or the “Collective Spirit”. Each of us has a soul that was originally part of the Spirit soul and now each of us houses and cares for a piece of that soul. This is how we affect each other. We are all connected, no matter what our characteristics or lives are.

If we are all connected, this means that EVERY action that we take affects each other. This is why we can do things such as sympathize, emphasize, feel joy or pain of others, catch the giggles and more.

Now consider that we carry all the events of all of our lives on our soul. Everything we have experienced is in the memory imprint of our soul. If we take that to a higher level, this means our soul, since it is part of “The One”, subconsciously remembers all the events of all the lives of the collective.

So then why do we have karma? Because of free will. We all have free will – the idea that we can make choices for ourselves. Yes, we can work with Spirit on what we want to do in life but ultimately, we can decide how we will act, how we treat others, if we break through our fears and more. Luckily, we have the power to say “I will choose this path”. In doing this, any choice we make generates karma, whether it is good or bad.

Karma is like a bank account. When we do something to uplift, for ourselves or others, we add to the bank account. We grow it with positive energy and intentions and it lifts and transmutes the karma of “The One”. However, if we do something that intentionally hurts or if we make a decision we know to be not for our highest good, we withdraw from the bank account. It’s not as robust and positive as it can be. Usually those situations help us to realize those life lessons. In reviewing those lessons, we can ask ourselves the questions “How could I have handled it differently?”, “What impact did I make on myself and other people?” or “Did I do the right thing by that person?” Working through the answers to those questions transmutes our karma to another level, again, affecting our family, friends, neighbors, strangers, even people in power such as world leaders. By asking these questions and being aware of our actions, it helps us to understand what type of karma we’ve created in life.

Working our way back to the Spirit is why there is karma. Changing karma is what changes the vibration of our soul. Vibrating at a higher level creates a path back to where we came from – love and joy of the Spirit world. Karma is our tool to get back to the Source.

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